3 February 2022

Levy Recognises its Hospitality Heroes

At Levy, we believe it is important to show continual appreciation for every individual who works with us; the Levy family is the core reason for our success. At Levy Comms Day 2022, we wanted to shine a light on those who have gone above and beyond in their work, who have kept Levy on track through the height of the pandemic, and who have been an overall joy to work with.

Lifetime Achievement Recognition –

This recognition goes to the individuals who have shown commitment, dedication, and longevity at Levy, highlighting their drive and passion towards making Levy what it is today.

Andrew Boyd (10 years), Adam Hateley (15 years), Nick Campbell (20 years), and Bethan James (30 years). Thank you for all of your hard work and motivation over the years. 

See Care Share Award –

This award goes to the individual who has shown initiative to support the wellbeing of their team. This can involve promoting the following: YouMatter, Health and Safety, Diversity and Inclusion (Within, Women in Food, Price in Food, and any other D&I initiative), or Social Mobility.

The runners-up for this award go to Bettina Szelpal (Regional Health and Safety Manager), Jason Petty (General Manager, Yarnfield Park), and Olivia Morrin (Recruitment and Retention Manager, Constellation). Thank you all for your hard work and support.

The winner for this award goes to Scott Marini, Head Chef at Edgbaston. Scott would be the first to admit that he did not really understand mental health until he was given the chance to participate in a mental health first aid course. Since then, Scott is a huge advocate for mental health and is known as the person who has helped others when they needed it most. Congratulations Scott!

Sales Performance of the Year Award -

This next award goes to the individual who has driven customer sales and has shown initiative and growth in their venue/venues.

The runners-up for this award go to Natalie Hulme (Director of Sales, Yarnfield Park) and Hannah Hart (Head of Sales, The Venues Collection). Thank you both for your hard work and commitment.

The winner for this award goes to Jeff Banks, Event Sales Manager at Keith Prowse. It was Jeff’s relentless effort, desire, and motivation which helped drive both new sales and retention levels when the industry was on its knees during the pandemic. Congratulations Jeff!

Chef of the Year Award -

This award goes to an individual who has shown exemplary skill and knowledge in the kitchen and has produced amazing dishes during event/match days. It also goes to an individual who continuously shows initiative when driving the Levy food philosophy forward.

The runners-up for this award go to Damian Adams (East Region Head Chef, Newmarket – Huntingdon Racecourses), Sam Morgan (Group Executive Chef, The Venues Collection), and Simon Share (Head Chef, Reading FC). Thank you for delivering exceptional dishes at our venues, keep up the good work chefs!

The winner of this award goes to Adam Fargin, Executive Chef at Wimbledon. Despite supply chain issues due to the pandemic, Adam pushed on and consistently delivered exceptional service at Wimbledon. Congratulations Adam, keep on smashing it!

Event of the Year Award -

This next award goes to an event during 2020/2021 that showcased the legendary experiences that we offer and brought delight to both clients and guests.

The runners-up for this award go to Tingle creek (Sandown), Festival of speed (Goodwood), Edgbaston, and COP26. Well done to you all!

The winner for this award goes to Wimbledon, who gave outstanding delivery considering the challenges of Covid and the short notice nature the staff had to understand the new circumstances in which they had to work in. Amazing work, congratulations to the team at Wimbledon.

Sustainability Award of the Year –

This award goes to the individual/team who has shown passion and initiative in delivering Levy’s sustainability pledge.

The runners-up for this award goes to James Buckley (Director of Culinary), Jenner Carter (Head of Marketing, Lime Venue Portfolio + The Venues Collection), Jo Austin (Sales Director at Lime Venue Portfolio + The Venues Collection), Nick Gratwick (Head of Events + Development, Keith Prowse).

The winner for this award goes to SEC food. This venue is working towards and delivering a product focused on sustainable sourcing which is locally produced and seasonal. COP26, hosted at SEC, is one example where they showed this in action, clearly demonstrating a sustainable food strategy which will act as a foundation to a more sustainable future at Levy.

 Future Star Award of the Year –

This award goes to the individual who has shown dedication and consistency to the Levy team. This individual works extremely hard in everything they do and shows great potential for the future.

The runners-up for this award goes to Charlotte Bennett (Senior Projects Events Manager), Friday Odigie (Back of House + Logistics Manager, The O2), Imogen Huxley (Marketing Executive), Laura Beckwith (Conference, Events and Hospitality Manager, Reading FC), Owen Burgess (Apprentice Chef), Nadia Ulsusoy (Deputy Venue Services Manager, Tottenham Hotspur), Alex Willmott (Head of Catering Operations, Wembley Arena). We can’t wait to see how you excel in the future!

The winner of this award goes to Holly Marks, Regional People Consultant at Constellation. Holly has been phenomenal all year round, with unprecedented systems knowledge, strength, and skill. She continues to deliver event after event and on more than one occasion people have called her a ‘rising star’.

Inspiring Leader of the Year Award –

This award goes to the individual who has demonstrated strong leadership throughout the challenges of the past 18 months.

The runners-up for this award go to Dave Hill (Regional Executive Chef, Levy), Indy Mann (GM, Kettering Conference Village), Lee Dennan (GM, Haydock Park), Mark Reynolds (Executive Head Chef, Tottenham Hotspur), and Phillip Littlefair (Finance Director, The Venues Collection).

The winner goes to Lorna Wilson, Head of Catering Operations at SEC. Lorna has done an incredible job over the past 18 months, from overseeing the NHS side of the SEC operations over the pandemic to mobilising and recruiting for the reopening of the campus.

The BBC News article featuring her as the head of catering operations for COP26 was a great recognition for her hard work, but I would believe it would only be appropriate for the same recognition to come from Levy itself. Congratulations Lorna!

Venue of the Year Award -

This award goes to the venue that has shown true resilience and commitment throughout the past 18 months and continues to deliver exceptional food and service to our clients and guests. This venue should also be taking steps towards our net zero plan and using technology to create innovation across the estate.

The runners-up for this award go to Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Tottenham Hotspurs, Yarnfield Park, and Newmarket.

The winner for this award goes to Goodwood. Thank you for showing dedication and determination in everything you do as a venue. We look forward to working with you in the future and we are excited for what’s to come!

Lockdown Legend Award -

This individual has gone above and beyond during lockdown. They showed passion, determination, and optimism, and would always be there to help. This award can be given to an individual for their help at work or outside of work.

The runners-up for this award go to Callum Smith (Business Services Manager, Levy), Gill Dobson (Lead People Business Partner, Stadia), and Kevin Moseley (Regional Finance Manager for JCC). Well done to you all for keeping the spirits high and showing enthusiasm and drive that we all needed during this difficult time.

The winner of this award goes to Lee Aldred, General Manager at Leicester. Lee demonstrated a huge can-do attitude during lockdown. Whilst he was instrumental in helping us renegotiate our deal with Leicester Tigers, with invaluable knowledge of the venue and client, he was also a key player in the mobilisation of MTU’s working alongside NHS and other Government bodies. Combined with his job of running a venue, supporting the fight against Covid-19 and for being an all-round pleasure to work with, this award is richly deserved. Congratulations Lockdown Legend Lee!

Special Recognition Award –

The winner for this award goes to Ryan Ashton for his vision, hard work, drive, and constantly striving to deliver above and beyond to our venues through Constellation. Ryan has been the driving force behind Constellation and our variable workforce. Without his leadership and determination, Constellation wouldn’t have been able to deliver the results it has had over the last 12 months.