1 March 2022

Levy UK+I partner with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to raise awareness around disabilities in the workplace

Levy UK+I, the sports and hospitality sector of Compass Group UK and Ireland, has today announced a partnership with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to raise awareness and help promote disabilities within the workplace.

Levy will promote the Sunflower through its Diversity and Inclusion charter across its partnered venues and will create awareness and remove barriers that affect individuals that are affected across the business. Levy is continuously working to make the workplace a more inclusive environment and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower will support Levy on the future of this journey.

One of the initiatives that will be brought in is the wearing of the Sunflower lanyard. The Sunflower enables individuals to discreetly indicate that they have a non-visible disability and may need additional assistance, kindness, or simply a little more time.

Since Hidden Disabilities Sunflower was established in the UK in 2016, it has been adopted globally by organisations to support both their colleagues and customers. The Sunflower is recognised across a broad range of sectors - ranging from retail, financial services, transport including over 130 airports, travel and tourism as well as over 530 universities, schools and colleges, all of the UK railway network, theme parks, supermarkets, leisure facilities, healthcare, financial services, emergency services, theatres and over 350 charities. The Sunflower has been launched locally in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Over the last few weeks, Levy have ensured that all their employees have received bespoke Sunflower training. The Sunflower training modules have also been added to their portal so that existing and new employees have access to resources and information about the Sunflower.

This is a fantastic example of how the Sunflower can be used by organisations to extend their diversity and inclusion objectives. The Sunflower also often acts as a catalyst to make workplaces more inclusive and so that everyone can fully participate and contribute without attitudinal, social, virtual, or environmental barriers. It helps to challenge perceptions around non-visible disabilities and the unconscious bias that can often stand in the way of creating diverse, inclusive teams.

Jon Davies, Managing Director at Levy UK+I, said: “Levy is proud to work with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and support those living with a disability. We want to raise awareness around disabilities in the workplace and partnering with an organisation like Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is the perfect place to start. Levy is a very inclusive business that want everyone to feel included as soon as they walk into our business.  No one out, everyone in.”

Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said: “The Sunflower is often used by organisations to help underpin a disability inclusive workplace. I am delighted that Levy is launching the Sunflower to do this and support their colleagues with invisible disabilities as part of their drive to create a positive working environment where colleagues can thrive and be themselves.