20 October 2020

My favourite culinary creations

At Levy we adopt a modern approach to food that can be brilliantly summarised by the campaigner and author Michael Pollen; ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.’ What this means is offering proper food that is responsibly sourced, isn’t processed, and lets natural ingredients speak for themselves.

We want guests at our venues to eat a tasty and diverse range of food that follows the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health, which encourages a healthy diet within planetary boundaries. We’re also committed to our Levy Cares principles, which set out the ethos of what we’re trying to achieve as a food business.

Recently, we caught up with James Buckley, Executive Development Chef at Levy, on some of his favourite culinary creations from events over the past few years – here are some of the delicious dishes that he spoke about.

Tandoori spiced cauliflower – Not a floret is left to spare


The cauliflower marinated in coconut yoghurt, pickled cauliflower, charred cucumber, Bombay crunch, pomegranate, mint and lemon is not only delicious, but its vibrant colours look great on a buffet at a corporate event.

Isle of Wight tomatoes, goats curd and Bloody Mary starter – A real summer favourite


Full of fresh flavours, we use the trimmings of the tomatoes to create the Bloody Mary jelly which adds a touch of heat to the dish. It is then garnished with a few pickled shallots and baby basil leaves for an added flash of colour.

Celeriac Waldorf salad – A distinct twist on a classic dish

This version uses the whole celeriac – which is salt baked – including the skin as a crisp to garnish, alongside a celeriac mayo. Delicious, elegant and plant-forward.

Coq au vin – A whole carcass approach using all locally-sourced produce


This always goes down a treat. It’s made using chicken breast, chicken bon bon from the leg, and a chicken bacon garnish from the thighs. Serving with bright, colourful veg is a must.

Butter poached lobster – An indulgent dish to get your claws into


We use fresh native lobster from Cornwall, fresh English peas and fennel together with wasabi and apple. The tail is the star of this dish, while the claws are finely diced and stirred through an accompanying potato salad. What’s more, we roast the shells for stock that’s used in a lobster jelly – an innovative approach that gives a great flavour.