Sheffield United

Partner since 2010
  • Retail catering
  • Conferences + events
  • All hospitality
  • Over 30 major events


Sheffield United, the oldest professional football ground in the world, now incorporates five main event spaces, 28 executive boxes, Blades Superbox, a ground floor exhibition space of 330 m2, a restaurant and a sports bar facility. The new Ambassadors’ Lounge, known as the TC10 Restaurant on a match day, can host up to 220 guests and features modern facilities synonymous with a world class conference centre. The International Bar can accommodate up to 400 standing guests and is ideal for parties, events or smaller exhibitions. 


The partnership between Sheffield United and Lime Venue Portfolio, a sales and marketing consortium for venues and events, part of Levy UK, is responsible for driving sales and marketing activity for non-matchday conferences, meetings and events at the stadium.

Sheffield United incorporates five main spaces, 31 executive boxes, ground floor exhibition space, restaurant and sports bar facility.

In 2017, our proactive sales and marketing campaign generated 43 events, 28% growth year on year.

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