Diversity + Inclusion

D+I Mission

Our mission at Levy UK+I is to create a workforce which represents the rich diversity of the customers and client we serve, as well as our society. We want everyone in our business to feel able to be themselves at work and to have an equal opportunity to progress their career. Throughout the past year, we’ve been working on increasing our representation across the Levy family. We have also increased activity in our LGBTQ+ network and are working with Compass Group UK&I to promote Women in Food through our venues.


D+I Focus Areas

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • LGBTQ+
  • Women in Food

We have created a D+I calendar that celebrates events from all these areas of D+I. Each month we focus on one specific event and we send out information to our teams on how they can celebrate this event or educate themselves about it.

D+I Commitments

Race at Work Charter

Levy and Compass Group UK&I are signatories of the Race at Work Charter. We are committed to improving equality of opportunity in the workplace. By signing the Race at Work Charter, Compass UK&I commits to:

  • Appointing an exec sponsor for race
  • Capturing ethnicity data and publicise progress
  • Zero tolerance of harassment and bulling
  • Making sure that supporting equality in the workplace is the responsibility of all leaders and managers
  • Taking action that supports ethnic minority career progression.

The Valuable 500

Is a global community consisting of 500 national and multinational corporations to be the tipping point for social and economic change for the disability community. By joining the Valuable 500 list, Compass UK&I agrees to:

  • Getting disability on the board agenda
  • Making one firm commitment to action by January 2021
  • Sharing your commitment to the Valuable 500 externally and internally

Levy and Paralympic Association

Levy has been selected as the first official fundraising partner for the British Paralympic Association. Through various fundraising initiatives, Levy will be supporting the Paralympic GB team.

Levy UK will lead the ‘Impossible to Ignore’ campaign that aims to harness the power of sport, the athletes and Tokyo 2021 to challenge perceptions, bread down barriers and ensure disabled people are represented throughout society.

The partnership will be used as a platform for change by celebrating the athlete’s incredible journeys and turning their successes into meaningful, long-term action while valuing every disabled person in the UK by reminding the nation that they are all ‘Impossible to Ignore’.