Levy Merchandising

The Levy Merchandising arm builds on the legendary experiences Levy has provided over decades in the food, drink, and hospitality arenas. The decision to enter the merchandising market aligns with the company's wider vision to create memorable experiences and engage with fans on a broader scale.

With an established global supply chain, we design and manufacture a wide range of product direct from source. From technical products, fit for the highest level of performance, through to non-technical fanwear, we produce apparel at all levels of the product pyramid. We also source a comprehensive range of non-clothing products to complete the full range of categories available across the sales channels.

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Vinny Clark, Levy Merchandising

“With twenty years of experience in sports licensing and retail, I have seen first-hand, both as a rights holder and a rights acquirer, how sports licensing partnerships work. Our goal is to readdress that imbalance with a “partner first” approach. Through our innovative approach to partnerships, our aim is simple – to make the lives of our partners easier, to bring the best product to market for fans to enjoy, to offer better and fairer commercial frameworks to rights holders and all whilst protecting the interests of partner fans, our people and our planet. Taking Levy best practice and utilising tech, innovation and data insights from within the Group, we are ready to change the game".

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Ethically Sourced

We are passionate about product and supply chain, ensuring all products are ethically sourced from factories who have gone through the most stringent of audit processes, ensuring we only work with those who set the highest of standards.

Committed to supporting the local communities where our factories are based, we work with charities and local outreach programmes to have a positive impact in the cities and towns where we do business.

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We put our partners first. Building long lasting, sustainable relationships is central to our ethos in an arena where service levels, commercial terms, and partner relations are lacking elsewhere.

With an innovative commercial model, decision making is a joint responsibility, and we want our partners to feel like they retain independence and control on key strategic direction whilst being able to leverage the benefit, scale, and expertise of our central teams across buying, licensing, ecommerce, and retail operations. 

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With a track record of investing in bricks and mortar to improve fan experience, Levy continues to understand the importance of in-venue sales channels.

Our retail team brings a wealth of experience to ensure range, store layout, visual merchandising and checkout experiences are geared towards delivering an optimised outcome from both a commercial return and fan experience perspective.

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With our brand-new state of the art distribution centre, we have an incredible retail operations team who can fulfil demand against the strictest of timelines. Picking, despatching and after-sales care is critical to fan retention and so is an important part of the customer journey.

Using integrated EPOS, front end ecommerce platform and warehouse management system, we can seamlessly manage orders from placing to fulfilment.  

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With a history of creating and maintaining lasting relationships with best-in-class licensees, our licensing team can source and develop brand-appropriate licensees both from established market leaders as well as innovative new disruptors.

From strategy development through to completed agreements, we can leverage established relationships and the Levy scale to optimise licensing revenues and reach.

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