Meet the Team

  • Jon Davies

    Managing Director, Levy UK + Ireland

    Jon Davies
  • James Withers

    Finance Director, Levy UK + Ireland

    James Withers
  • Matthew Lewis

    Chief Operating Officer, Levy UK + Ireland

    Matthew Lewis
  • Rak Kalidas

    Managing Director, BUILT by Levy UK + Ireland

  • Adam Hateley

    Sales + Retention Director, Levy UK + Ireland

    Adam Hateley
  • Richard Cheesman

    Managing Director, E15 Insights, Levy UK + Ireland

    R (1)
  • Denise Carter

    Head of People for Levy UK + Ireland

    Denise Website
  • Nick Campbell

    Managing Director, Jockey Club Catering

    Nick Campbell
  • Kevin Watson

    Business Director & Net Zero Lead, Levy UK + Ireland

    Kevin Watson
  • Bethan James

    Managing Director, Payne & Gunter

    Bethan James
  • Jane Byrd

    Managing Director, Compass Cymru

    Jane Byrd
  • David Hay

    Managing Director, Compass Scotland

    David Hay
  • David Crowe

    Head of Health & Safety, Levy UK + Ireland

    David Crowe
  • Allan Blackmore

    Director of Culinary - Operations, Levy UK + Ireland

    Allan Blakemore
  • James Buckley

    Director of Culinary, Levy UK + Ireland

    James Buckley
  • Ryan Ashton

    Managing Director at Constellation

    Ryan Ashton
  • Andrew Boyd

    Business Director, Levy UK + Ireland

    Andrew Boyde
  • Andy Vinsen

    Managing Director at Keith Prowse

    Andy Vincent
  • Charlie Cook

    Operations Director, Levy UK + Ireland

    Charlie Cook
  • Joanne Barratt

    Managing Director at The Venues Collection