British Paralympic Association

Levy UK+I first official fundraising partner for the BPA

Levy UK, are an official fundraising partner for the British Paralympic Association. Through various fundraising initiatives, Levy UK will be supporting ParalympicsGB to take the best prepared team to the Paralympic Games.

As part of the partnership, Levy UK will lead the Impossible to Ignore campaign that aims to harness the power of sport, the athletes and to challenge perceptions, break down barriers and ensure disabled people are represented throughout society.

The campaign will raise awareness of ParalympicsGB as a charity and give people a better understanding of everything that entails when going to the Paralympic Games. They used the Tokyo games as a platform for change by celebrating the athlete’s incredible journeys and turning their successes into meaningful, long-term action while valuing every disabled person in the UK by reminding the nation that they are all ‘Impossible to Ignore’.

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Fundraising Events

Levy UK+I have been taking part in numerous fundraising events to raise money for the British Paralympic Association.

Last year, the Levy UK+I Exec Team completed the Snowdon Challenge by cycling 7km to the foot of the mountain, climbing the highest mountain in England and Wales, followed by 2km kayak to fundraise for the charity.

Levy UK also held a charity auction at Brentford FC to raise money for the BPA, with actor Adam Pearson, and Paralympian, Aaron Phipps hosting the successful event. Levy UK+I have been working closely with Paralympian, Aaron Phipps who is the newly appointed Disability Employment Ambassador and will be working closely with Levy to advise on disability in the workplace.