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Founded in 2003, Peppermint has built an unparalleled reputation for improving the quality and choice of drinks-led solutions at concerts, sports events and music festivals. Following the initial success running their own events at Henley Regatta and Cowes Week, Peppermint has gone on to become the industry leader in delivering first-class bar solutions at scale, winning not one but three awards in 2019. Peppermint has developed long-standing client relationships over the years with the likes of AEG and Live Nation, as well as some of the UK's best independent event owners and promoters.

A 360 event solution business

Peppermint's unrivalled experience will bring high-performance, retail-led bar services to the numerous prestigious sporting and entertainment events that take place at Levy's venues. From the build process to operational support, the innovative and dynamic Peppermint team will help Levy to design and deliver even more creative and engaging drinks experiences for event attendees across the UK.

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